The Series

The Vaskell Empire 
A young adult fantasy series
By Mandy Caruso and Aleah Raynes.

A fall of a kingdom…

The Croi Kingdom is in despair. Rumors circulated that King Vaskell went mad, killed his queen, and sent his daughters away to never be seen again. The people mourned the loss of their beloved queen and the four fairy princesses, and saddened by the news of the king’s state of mine. Hope came in the form of a new ruler—the late queen’s brother, Ievos Arolan. He promised changed and he brought it…in the form of destruction. And anyone who questioned him was either killed or locked inside slave camps.

The rise of an Empire…

With their powers bound and identities hidden, the daughters of King Vaskell are thrown into a slave camp for children. Every day they are there tears down their spirits and hope for escape. Their time is limited because the eldest sister, Luna, is scheduled to be sent to the adult camps upon her eighteenth birthday. They are desperate to stay together and claim back their kingdom.

When four boys approach the princesses with talks of escape and forming an alliance, the girls are leery at first. No one could be trusted. Yet, Dain, Vander, Jaden, and Caspain proof their worth and gain their trust. Not once, but twice. But escaping the camp puts them on a quest their none of them are fully ready for. 

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Reading Order

Touch of Ice

Breath of Air
Heart of Fire
Ruled by Water


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